Due to the drop in user activity since the removal of a certain section, we’ve deemed our current server to be too beefy for what the forum requirements are and decided we could save money by ditching the existing server and downgrading to something cheaper that would be more sustainable in the long term, especially since donations have nearly completely dried up since the new year.

However in discussing these matters, IkarosBD graciously offered to host the community on one of his servers, so we took him up on the offer. As such the forum is currently in the midst of being migrated and Hoshino will officially be taken out of commission the first week of March.

We hope you stick with us, and as always, if you can spare a little, please donate so we can pay domain fee, software license fees, and help alleviate a little of the server costs IkarosBD occurs. After all he shouldn’t have to fund the site solely by himself should he? I certainly don’t think so.