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Most questions can be answered by our about page but some additional questions will be answered here.

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Q: What should I use to play your files?
A: We only recommend the Combined Community Codec Pack which comes bundled with Media Player Classic – Home Cinema.

Q: My player is not working / Something seems wrong, what should I do?
A: First make sure the file you try to watch actually downloaded completely (check the CRC to be sure). If you still have problems, see above.

Q: Are your releases DXVA/CUDA/PS3/SmartPhone/SmartTV compatible?
A: No, go away.


Q: Why not FLAC?
A: We will only use FLAC in our 1080p releases and only when a lossless audio source is available. Our 720p releases will usually have AAC audio to cater to those who prefer smaller sized releases.

Q: Is this show dual-audio, English Dubbed, or Subbed only?
A: Read the post. We specifically state what audio tracks are available.

Q: Why do you put English audio / English Signs/Songs subs first?
A: Because our core encoders and downloaders want the English dub. Yes I know this isn’t the popular opinion within the “elitist anime fan”, but we don’t care. This is usually common practice in dual-audio encodes not by fansub groups.

Q: Why can’t I hear the characters but everything else?
A: Because your player isn’t properly down-mixing the surround sound (it’s simply discarding channels). Check your audio settings, make sure to set everything to stereo/2.0 down-mixing.


Q: What resolution will <some show> be in?
A: DVDs will be encoded to 480p.
Blu-rays will usually be encoded in 720p. In rare instances where the show was terribly upscaled for Blu-ray, we may drop down to 576p if 720p can’t be done to our standards. In addition, we will do 1080p if we feel like it when a show actually qualifies for it (very rare as most anime aren’t animated in full HD still). Exceptions may apply.

Q: Can I have a screenshot comparison?
A: We tend not to do these, but you can request one on the forum or do it yourself.

Q: Are the episodes available for download here uncensored?
A: Since we are usually encoding from Blu-rays, the episodes are as uncensored as they can get.


Q: Why can’t I get any peers from your tracker?
A: Disable your stupid Peerblock and make sure port 3277 (TCP/UDP/outgoing) doesn’t get blocked by your firewall.

Q: Can you upload this to <filehoster>?
A: No, we won’t; but feel free to request this on the forum.


Q: Can I do <whatever> with your releases?
A: Do what you want, we can’t stop you anyway. Give proper credit if you are, but do not label it as joint.

Q: Is <show> dropped?
A: Unless it’s filed under the category “Dropped”, no.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: On IRC, on the community forum, or leave a comment with a valid email address if you have to tell us something really important.

Q: Why the name “Kametsu”?
A: Started off, we wanted to come up with a unique word. I sort of based it off of Oritsuru (a weapon in the Final Fantasy video game series). Turns out however, there is a town in Japan called Kametsu. How neat. So Kametsu is actually Japanese after all and we work with Japanese anime. So it makes sense.

8 thoughts on “FAQ

    • We don’t normally take requests as we just work on what we want to do for ourselves; but we’ll sometimes pick up something based on requests posted on the forum. That said, what did you have in mind?

      • Hey, Koby. Seeing as you’re talking about requests….before I request it….are you guys planning to work on Danganronpa 3?

        Also, apologizes for the months old reply.

          • Oh, so they were [HTT]. I did watch their release of Danganronpa and I had an issue with their translation of important names. Do they have another website or something so that I can follow them and give feedback in the event that they do decide to work on DR3? Their link in that torrent led me back to Kametsu forums.

            Thanks for responding.

          • They don’t have a site, they just use the forum for all their stuff. As for the subtitles, they were sourced from UTW with some modifications for the most part, but yeah, feel free to contact them either in IRC or on the forum to discuss it.

    • We’re doing Gundam Thunderbolt and Gundam Origin, while one of our staff members did Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans. So if no one else gets to it at some point, there is a possibility we’ll do it. I’m a pretty big Gundam fan for the most part. Only Gundam series I dropped was G-Reco, and the only ones I’ve still yet to watch is Turn-A, Victory, and After War X. I intend to watch those three at some point. Hoping After War X gets a Blu-ray too though as I believe it’s likely the only one left to have not gotten the Bluray treatment at this point.

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